Security & Monitoring

Security is more than locking the doors before you leave the office, or occasionally running an anti-virus on your computer network. Today's businesses require constant monitoring. TeleQ Network Solutions provides everything from video surveillance to computer monitoring services, and we'll cater safety measures to your company's unique needs.

Surveillance System
Video surveillance is not only an extremely useful means of detecting issues, but it is also a tool for preventing problems. With Major Security Systems Companies, TNS can outfit your company with CCTV Security Cameras and Digital Video Security Systems packages. Monitor your premises from a remote location or store recordings for future review with DVRs (digital video recordings), or monitor multiple locations for intrusions or disasters such as a fire or flood.

Remote Monitoring
Surveillance and security remote monitoring is a great solution for traveling workers who need to keep in touch. Monitoring can be done via a secure web-based engine or through static IPs from inside an office or any remote location. TNS will customize any remote package to suit your needs.
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